2.01 - Establishment of Law Enforcement

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Establishment of a Law Enforcement Arm of the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians Government


The Tribe’s Constitution, Article VII, § L, outlines Powers of the General Council to include the establishment of rules and/or procedures for the conduct of the Tribe’s affairs and, by appropriate ordinance or resolution, delegate to the Tribal Council any of its power and duties. Additionally, Article IX, § D, directs the Tribe’s duly elected Tribal Council to possess administrative powers and delegate various powers and duties deemed appropriate to carry out the business of the Tribe. Tribal Council, in concurrence with its responsibilities and duties to the Tribe’s General Council under the Tribe’s Constitution, finds the delegation of duties for the establishment of a law enforcement arm of the government a crucial administrative function that has not yet been codified under the laws of the Tribe.

Supplemental Documents:

  • Ordinance's Resolution
  • Legislative History

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