3.08 - Filing Fees

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Filing Fees


The Torres Martinez Tribe, according to its Constitution, Article XXII, § 3, uses an Intertribal Court.

The Intertribal Court of Southern California’s Inter-Governmental Agreement with the Tribe, along with its Code of Civil Procedure and Rules of Court will guide the TM Tribal Court while under contract.

"The following shall be known as 'The Code of Civil Procedure and Rules of Court' and shall govern the Intertribal Court of Southern California [hereinafter “ICSC”] in all suits of a civil nature. Notwithstanding its inherent equitable powers conferred by Tribal custom and tradition, the ICSC shall use and apply these Rules of Court in conjunction with all statutes, ordinances, regulations, and other laws approved and adopted by the respective Tribal government."

~ ICSC Code of Civil Procedure & Rules of the Court PREAMBLE ~

Supplemental Documents:

  • Ordinance's Resolution
  • Legislative History

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